Thursday, August 13, 2015

Don't Sign Anything!

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Do you like your benefits advisor? Are they professional and a part of your "team"? If so, let me tell you one big way you can show them how much you appreciate them...don't sign anything without consulting your benefits advisor first.

With benefits changing because of the government involvement, many vendors of varying specialties have decide they are benefits professionals. Within that light, some payroll companies have gotten involved in acquiring an "authorization" from a business they service or a new business they are walking into for the first time. This authorization is presented in such a way that makes it seem like they are acquiring it so they can "check out your benefits" and get you quotes (which your benefits advisor should be doing anyway). What they don't tell you is that by signing that authorization form for them to "take a look", you have just signed over all the benefits in your company to them. Your benefits advisor has now been removed. No more service. No more payment to them. Nothing, They are gone.

How does this happen? The person with your attention asking for this authorization form is leaving out the fact I have mentioned above. They may look at it as, "Hey, if they don't ask I'm not going to offer it". Companies and even professionals on many levels are getting business through "omission". It's really kind of sad. I hope you can tell that I'm not a fan of that process and look at that as a big question of ethical practice.

Next time around I will address these companies who come to you to make your benefits administration and enrollment automated. It's a huge danger and many business owners are negating their relationship with their existing benefits professional out of ignorance to what the rules in signing things are in insurance.

So, to be clear and wrap this up...please...if you like your benefits advisor, don't sign anything without checking with them first.

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