Thursday, May 22, 2014

Am I Really That Scary?

Well, not me per say, but what I do.

Since taking on a leadership and recruiting/training role with my main insurance carrier I do business with, I have scheduled interview after interview. I've talked and emailed with countless people and the percentage of people that actually step up to be a part of an amazing industry and process is very small.

Now, in hindsight, I don't really want every person I talk with to join my team. There needs to be a desire to do things for others and there should be a connection with me and the business integrity I attempt to implement in my business. Many people don't hold that same value and I'm glad I see that early on and we are able to part ways on good terms. However, the people that seem solid and ready to go and who say, "This sounds amazing" and then they disappear? What's up?

So, for all the people out there looking to do something for yourself, make the kind of living you'd like to based on the effort you are willing to put forth all while helping people protect themselves and their's where I put the cards on the table and let you see three great things and three challenges to what I do every single day. I've been doing this over 5 years and still wake up each morning hoping to make a positive difference in people's lives. Whether it be with some much needed insurance benefits, helping a company owner make some tough decisions, or  I'm interacting with a person looking to join me in these endeavors and make a living for themselves they can call their own. Here's what it's all about and it's all about what angle you're looking at it all from:


1 - You earn what you make. An early question I get asked is, "What can I make?" or "What does it pay?". I get that. I was that way when I started down this road. What I am offering is a commission only job. Those words scared me and I'm sure they can scare anyone looking to make money who have never looked in this direction. However, I jumped into this business on faith and I wake up every day doing the same. I know that if I don't make positive moves toward reaching out to other potential clients, servicing existing clients, and planning my own day as carefully as I can that I run the risk of making nothing at all in a given week.

2 - You will meet new people every day. Whether it's by phone or email or walking in a door, you will be meeting new people every day and you will be talking to them about things they can do to protect themselves and their family. You will be offering solutions, options, and answers to people who may or may not be interested in what you have to say or offer. Those new people say "No" and "Not today" and "Call me back later" all the time. It's the part of the game that can be frustrating. Sometimes just the thought of having to be confident in front of a stranger can be intimidating.

3 - It's got your name on it. So many times a person goes to work for a company. Things are all about "company policy" and what others are telling you to do. That's not the case in this business. You are your own boss. You are your business and  brand. You mess up, it's got your name all over it and that frightens people. I understand that. There will be days that you will soar and other days you can't do anything right and you want everyone you know to forget your phone number and email address. You will become what you make yourself to be and no one will just pay you for "trying".


1 - You earn what you make. With all the challenges in this business, when you get a "Yes" from a potential client and you start that process of changing lives and advising and becoming something to those people you are helping, it means the world. Guess also get paid to do that. How much depends on the job you do and the team you surround yourself with, but some days you'll think about it and think, "Wow, I just made $100.00 an hour" (for example). Take that with the good feelings of helping others do right by themselves and family and you get something you can't make up. The key to succeeding in this business is believing enough in what you do and offer that each day is a new opportunity to change lives...including your own, for the better.

2 - You will meet new people every day. People and connections is what makes this world and being human so amazing. Even people looking at the 4 walls of a cubicle have interactions with others and it's sometimes the high point of their day. The best news is you are hunting constantly for new people to meet with, talk to, and help each and every day you choose to. Now, as with any single person they have a right to like what you have to say and they have a right not to. It's the way the world works. Getting more "No" than "Yes" can start to hurt if you let it. The good news is, you can rest on the fact that what you do has effected millions in a positive way each day and you get the opportunity to do that. Without people, no one gets anywhere. Think about this...even the person in the cubicle needs people to make a living. No one gets anywhere or makes a dime without someone else. It's just not possible any other way.

3 - It's got your name on it. When people join my team, the first weeks are all about learning and growing and understanding the business and the product. It's about getting comfortable with sales calls and visits and finding a groove that suits them. Once they are ready to head out on their own, it's all them. Sure, I'm still a part of the process but I'm in a support role and leadership position to help when things get tough or when assistance is needed. Anyone who joins my team works WITH me...not FOR me. Big difference and it's a good thing. I want people to build something for themselves no matter what direction my life takes. The good news is, in this industry you can make it whatever you want or need it to be.

So, who is ready? Who has what it takes to stop living for a paycheck and work to make a living equal to the work you are willing to put in? Are you a good candidate to contact me? One phone call and one interview will tell you. The next step is yours...and the next...and the next. Each day, one more step and one more opportunity to serve others and make a positive difference in people's lives.

Not working right now? Looking for a "job"? Contact me at 205-370-8453 (text or call) or email me ( and let's talk.

It's only scary if your perspective is wrong.

Please don't be afraid to fail. Join with me and make a difference in the lives of others, and your life too: