About Me

I am a man of many interests and talents.  I am currently using those talents to provide American workers and American business owners with a better understanding of insurance and benefits.  I choose my carriers and colleagues based on character and putting the client first.
I am a musician as well. I spend some time most weeks helping young people learn and appreciate music through trumpet lessons I provide. I also using my talents as a trumpet player to provide a live rendition of "Taps" for the families of military Veterans.  They served us and this is my way of serving and saying farewell.  I am currently the Alabama State Director for Bugles Across America.
My other interests are wide and varied.  I am an avid comic book connoisseur, music appreciator, sports enthusiast, traveler, righter of wrongs and a man willing to take on and tackle a challenge.
I pride myself in being just a phone call, text message or an email away for all those who might need or want my services.